Identity and Difference

Identity and Difference

Essays on Music, Language and Time
Jonathan Cross, Jonathan Harvey, Helmut Lachenmann, Albrecht Wellmer, Richard Klein
This volume is a collection of essays based on lectures given at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent at various occasions over the last four years.

Two of our five distinguished authors are British, three are Germans. Two are prominent composers and both keen and provocative writers about music; one is a musicologist and daring critic who specializes in contemporary music. There are also two philosophers and Adorno specialists that deal with such fundamental and highly complex matters as music and language, and music and time.

All authors subscribe to the same seriousness of purpose, so that you may find reminiscences of one text in the others, which will make for a fascinating read. Moreover, this book is all about the current state of music, about thinking, speaking, and writing about music in the immediate aftermath of that stirring and fascinating twentieth century.

Jonathan Cross

Jonathan Cross is Lecturer in Music at the University of Oxford and Tutor of Christ Church. He has written and lectured widely on twentieth-century music and is the author of The Stravinsky Legacy and editor of The Cambridge Companion to Stravinsky. He is also the Editor of Music Analysis.

Harrison Birtwistle
Man, Mind, Music
Jonathan Cross
Sir Harrison Birtwistle is the most original, the most challenging, and the most controversial British composer of our time. His notoriously angular music is at once defiantly modernist and deeply indebted to the traditions, medieval and modern...

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