Sources of Regionalism in the Nineteenth Century

Sources of Regionalism in the Nineteenth Century

Architecture, Art, and Literature
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Architectural concepts and styles seem to flourish on a variety of levels from the most local of contexts to the global. This book investigates regionalism, which is often conceived today as a late-nineteenth-century phenomenon because of the preservation and restoration movements that arose during that period.

Derived from the workshop "The Sources of Regionalism" held by the FWO research group World Views, Cultural Identities and Architecture in Western Europe, 1815-1940, the essays in this book examine the meaning of regionalism in architecture, art, and literature, its sources, and its cultural and historical background. The contributors focus on the nineteenth century and the years of the twentieth century before World War I and focus geographically on Western Europe, with an emphasis on Belgium, France, and England. Together, their essays provide a thorough examination of the complexity and multilayered quality of regionalism.

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