Origins and Ends of the Mind

Origins and Ends of the Mind

Philosophical Essays on Psychoanalysis
Edited by Christian Kerslake, Ray Brassier
Figures of the Unconscious 7

In Origins and Ends of the Mind, a collection of theoretical essays by philosophers and psychoanalysts, encounters are arranged between Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis on the one hand and attachment theory, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy of mind on the other. Psychoanalysts claim that states of mind are inexorably structured by children's relationships with their parents. But the theory of attachment, evolutionary psychology, and contemporary philosophy of mind have all recently reintroduced the claim that mental development and pathology are to a large degree determined by innate factors.

Today, Lacanian psychoanalysis most vigorously defends psychoanalytic theory and practice from the encroachment of the biomedical and cognitive sciences. However, classical psychoanalytic theories—the Oedipus complex, primary and secondary repression, sexual difference, and the role of symbols—are being dismantled and reintegrated into a new synthesis of biological and psychological theories.

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