Exempli Gratia

Exempli Gratia

Sagalassos, Marc Waelkens and Interdisciplinary Archaeology
Edited by Jeroen Poblome

The Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project has made interdisciplinary practices part of its scientific strategy from the very beginning. The project is internationally acknowledged for important achievements in this respect. Aspects of its approach to ancient Sagalassos can be considered groundbreaking for the archaeology of Anatolia and the wider fields of classical and Roman archaeology. The retirement of the first director of the Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project, Marc Waelkens, represents an excellent opportunity to reflect on the wider impact of the project. The essays are in English, French, or German.

Contributors: J. Bintliff (Edinburgh University / Leiden University), R. Brulet (Université catholique de Louvain), B. De Cupere (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences ), P. Degryse (KU Leuven), W. Eck (University of Köln), S. Ercan (Middle East Technical University, Ankara), D. Burcu Erciyas (Middle East Technical University, Ankara), L. Lazzarini (Università IUAV di Venezia–Italy / Director of the LAMA – Laboratorio di Analisi dei Materiali Antichi), S. Mitchell (University of Exeter), D. Peacock (University of Southampton), J. Poblome (KU Leuven), W. Radt (German Archaeological Institute at Pergamon, Turkey), E. Torun (Middle East Technical University, Ankara), L. Vandeput (British Institute at Ankara, BIAA), W. Van Neer (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), G. Verstraeten (KU Leuven), F. Vermeulen (Ghent University)

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Social Science : Archaeology
Interdisciplinary Studies : Classics
History : History / Ancient and Classical

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