Towards an Era of Development

Towards an Era of Development

The Globalization of Socialism and Christian Democracy, 1945–1965
Peter Van Kemseke
KADOC Studies on Religion, Culture and Society 5

In the twenty years after the end of World War II, a "Third World" was added to the Cold War concepts of the First and Second worlds, and postwar decolonization ushered in an era of development. For the first time, theories and policies designed to eradicate underdevelopment became prominent on the agenda of the United Nations.

This international evolution inevitably had a dramatic impact on socialism and Christian democracy, two major ideologies with their roots in Western Europe. Both became part of the global political dialogues taking place beyond Europe's borders. The result was a sometimes violent clash of Western and non-Western belief systems.

In Towards an Era of Development, Peter Van Kemseke explores the questions of whether political ideologies were being used as vehicles for promoting national interests and if socialism and Christian democracy were forced on developing nations or naturally spread to new parts of the globe. Van Kemseke also offers an assessment of the success of these ideologies in their new territories.

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