New Norse Studies

New Norse Studies

Essays on the Literature and Culture of Medieval Scandinavia
Edited by Jeffrey Turco

New Norse Studies, edited by Jeffrey Turco, gathers twelve original essays engaging aspects of Old Norse–Icelandic literature that continue to kindle the scholarly imagination in the twenty-first century. The assembled authors examine the arrière-scène of saga literature; the nexus of skaldic poetry and saga narrative; medieval and post-medieval gender roles; and other manifestations of language, time, and place as preserved in Old Norse–Icelandic texts. This volume will be welcomed not only by the specialist and by scholars in adjacent fields but also by avid general readers, drawn in ever-increasing numbers to the Icelandic sagas and their world.

Contributors: Paul Acker, Saint Louis University; Guðrún Nordal, University of Iceland; Sarah Harlan-Haughey, Cornell University; Joseph Harris, Harvard University; Richard Harris, University of Saskatchewan; Thomas D. Hill, Cornell University; Shaun Hughes, Purdue University; Andy Orchard, University of Toronto; Russell Poole, University of Western Ontario; Torfi Tulinius, University of Iceland; Jeffrey Turco; Purdue University; Kirsten Wolf, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Jeffrey Turco

Jeffrey Turco is Assistant Professor of German, Comparative Literature, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, and Religious Studies at Purdue University.