Restorative Justice for Juveniles

Restorative Justice for Juveniles

Potentialities, Risks, and Problems for Research

Restorative justice is increasingly becoming an inspiration for experiments in dealing with the aftermath of offenses, a basic orientation in criminological research and a powerful issue in the reforms of juvenile justice.

This volume offers a selection of papers presented in the international conference on Restorative Justice for Juveniles, organised in Leuven, May 1997, by the Research Group on Juvenile Criminology, in concert with the International Network for Research on Restorative Justice for Juveniles. The participation was very great and brought together a great part of the world's most authoritative scholars in the field.

The conference resulted in two volumes. This one proposes about half of the free contributions. The selection has been based on intrinsic quality and possibility to enter into a coherent set of contributions. All together, they form an important reader on the concept of restorative justice, its potentials for juveniles, its actual applications and the remaining discussions and topics for research.

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