Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle

Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle

Translated by Muhsin Mahdi
Foreword by Charles Butterworth, Thomas L. Pangle
This long-awaited reissue of the 1969 Cornell edition of Alfarabi's Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle contains Muhsin Mahdi's substantial original introduction and a new foreword by Charles E. Butterworth and Thomas L. Pangle. The three parts of the book, "Attainment of Happiness," "Philosophy of Plato," and "Philosophy of Aristotle," provide a philosophical foundation for Alfarabi's political works.


The Political Writings
"Political Regime" and "Summary of Plato's Laws"
In this second volume of new translations of Alfarabi's political writings, Charles E. Butterworth presents translations of the Arabic philosopher’s political and legal thinking.

The Political Writings
Selected Aphorisms and Other Texts
Alfarabi was among the first to explore the tensions between the philosophy of classical Greece and that of Islam, as well as of religion generally. His writings, extraordinary in their breadth and deep learning, have had a profound impact on Islamic...

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