The Informed Patient

The Informed Patient

A Complete Guide to a Hospital Stay

"In this immensely useful and readable volume, Karen A. Friedman and Sara Merwin demystify the hospital experience and provide patients and families the information they need to navigate the confusing swirl of a hospital stay. Bring this book with you to the hospital—it will make your stay more understandable, it will keep you more engaged, and it might just save your life."—Robert Wachter, MD, author of The Digital Doctor

" The Informed Patient is a must-read for anyone ever hospitalized, going to be hospitalized, or caring for a friend or family member who is, was, or will be hospitalized. The reader will be given the skills and confidence to approach a hospitalization in an informed manner, demystifying the experience."—Nick Fitterman, MD, FACP, SFHM, Northwell Health and Hoftstra Northwell School of Medicine

Even the most capable individuals are challenged when confronted with the complexity of the modern hospital experience. The Informed Patient is a guide and a workbook, divided into topical, focused sections with step-by-step instructions, insights, and tips to illustrate what patients and their families can expect during a hospital stay. Anyone who will experience a hospital stay—or friends or family who may be in charge of a patient’s care—will find all the help and advice they could need in the detailed sections that cover every aspect of what they can expect.

Karen A. Friedman, MD, and Sara Merwin, MPH, offer hands-on advice about how patients, health care providers, and medical staff can work together to achieve good outcomes. Through anecdotes, tips, sidebars, and clinical scenario vignettes, The Informed Patient presents ways to enhance and optimize a hospital stay, from practical advice on obtaining the best care to dealing with the emotional experience of being in the hospital.

Sara L. Merwin

Sara Merwin, MPH, is Director of Clinical Research and Assistant Professor of Research in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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