The Revival of Medieval Illumination

The Revival of Medieval Illumination

Nineteenth-Century Belgium Manuscripts and Illuminations from a European Perspective
KADOC Artes 8

The art of illumination, usually associated with the Middle Ages, experienced a spectacular revival in nineteenth-century Western Europe. This completely different context gave the illuminations another import. The output of the lay and religious workshops reveals a great artistic, stylistic, technical, and thematic diversity. The works illuminated go far beyond the world of exceptional and precious manuscripts and include many occasional documents and devotional images.

Richly illustrated with unpublished masterworks, The Revival of Medieval Illumination is an overview of the form by fifteen authors who do not limit their approach to the traditional questions of art history. Rather, they explore the historical, sociocultural, ideological and religious components of the revival, which changed according to time and country, in order to understand the evolution and success of the art of illumination in the long nineteenth century.

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