Andrew Burnaby

Andrew Burnaby was born in Asfordby, Leicestershire, in 1732. He attended Westminster School and Queens' College, Cambridge. He was ordained in 1756 and served as a chaplain to the British community in Livorno, Italy, from 1762 to 1767. He became the vicar of Greenwich in 1769 and archdeacon of Leicester in 1786. In 1804, Burnaby published an account of his travels through Corsica. He died in Blackheath, England, in 1812.

Travels through the Middle Settlements in North-America in the Years 1759 and 1760
With Observations upon the State of the Colonies
Andrew Burnaby
The Reverend Andrew Burnaby embarked on a two-year tour of the American colonies in 1759. Originally published in 1775, his account of his travels includes commentaries about people, politics, taxes, trade, and remains a valuable primary...

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