Romain D. Huret

Director of Studies at EHESS
Romain D. Huret is Professor at the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (France) and director of the Center for North American Studies (Mondes Américains). He is the author, most recently, of American Tax Resisters.John Angell is a translator for Vice Versa Language Services and teaches English at Paris 3/Sorbonne Nouvelle.

The Experts' War on Poverty
Social Research and the Welfare Agenda in Postwar America
Romain D. Huret
In the critically acclaimed La Fin de la Pauverté?, Romain D. Huret identifies a network of experts who were dedicated to the post-World War II battle against poverty in the United States. John Angell's translation of Huret's work brings to light for an English-speaking audience this critical set of intellectuals working in federal government...

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