Giacomo Chiozza

Senior Lecturer
Giacomo Chiozza is an expert in world politics and statistical modeling, and coauthor, most recently, of Leaders and International Conflict. He is Associate Professor in the Department of International Studies at the American University of Sharjah.

Taming Japan's Deflation
The Debate over Unconventional Monetary Policy
Gene Park, Saori N. Katada, Giacomo Chiozza, Yoshiko Kojo
Bolder economic policy could have addressed the persistent bouts of deflation in post-bubble Japan, write Gene Park, Saori N. Katada, Giacomo Chiozza, and Yoshiko Kojo in Taming Japan's Deflation. Despite warnings from economists, intense political pressure, and well-articulated unconventional policy options to address this problem, Japan's...

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