Liberty Hyde Bailey

Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858–1954) grew up on a farm in Michigan and went on to become Dean of the College of Agriculture at Cornell University, Chair of the Country Life Commission under President Theodore Roosevelt, and the "Father of Modern Horticulture." He authored more than seventy books, published thousands of articles, and founded countless organizations.

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Gardener's Companion
Essential Writings
Liberty Hyde Bailey
"Every family can have a garden." -Liberty Hyde BaileyFinally, the best and most accessible garden writings of perhaps the most influential literary gardener of the twentieth century have been brought together in one book. Philosopher, poet, naturist, educator, agrarian, scientist, and garden-lover par excellence Liberty Hyde Bailey built a...

Liberty Hyde Bailey
Essential Agrarian and Environmental Writings
Liberty Hyde Bailey
Before Wendell Berry and Aldo Leopold, there was the horticulturalist and botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858–1954). For Wendell Berry, Bailey was a revelation, a symbol of the nature-minded agrarianism Berry himself...

Introduction by Liberty Hyde Bailey

Autobiography of a Farm Boy
Isaac Phillips Roberts
This autobiography of the first Dean of the College of Agriculture at Cornell University offers an unconventional account of farm life in New York and the Middle West during the nineteenth century, and of the difficulties attendant upon building up...

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