Edith E. Cutting

Edith E. Cutting is the author of several collections of New York State folklore, including Lore of an Adirondack County, also from Cornell.

Lore of an Adirondack County
Edith E. Cutting
Edith E. Cutting provides an invaluable compilation of Adirondack folklore, from lumberjack songs to tall tales about drinking, hunting, and French Canadians. Also included are legends about hidden treasure, weather lore, stories about ghosts and...

Edited by Edith E. Cutting

A Pioneer Songster
Texts from the Stevens-Douglass Manuscript of Western New York, 1841-1856
Folklorists and lovers of folk songs will delight in this collection of the lyrics of songs sung by settlers of western New York in the middle of the nineteenth...

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