Paul B. Armstrong

Paul B. Armstrong is Professor of English at Brown University. He is the author of Play and the Politics of Reading: The Social Uses of Modernist Form, also from Cornell University Press, and of How Literature Plays with the Brain: The Neuroscience of Reading and Art, The Phenomenology of Henry James, and Conflicting Readings: Variety and Validity in Interpretation.

Play and the Politics of Reading
The Social Uses of Modernist Form
Paul B. Armstrong
"Classrooms and curricula should be structured to foster the playful interaction that can teach students how to negotiate social and political differences in an emancipatory, noncoercive manner.... Teaching reading as a playful exercise...

The Challenge of Bewilderment
Understanding and Representation in James, Conrad, and Ford
Paul B. Armstrong
The Challenge of Bewilderment treats the epistemology of representation in major works by Henry James, Joseph Conrad, and Ford Madox Ford, attempting to explain how the novel turned away from its traditional concern with realistic representation and toward self-consciousness about the relation between knowing and...

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