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  • Carol E. Harrison on New Books in Christian Studies

    Carol E. Harrison, author of Romantic Catholics: France’s Postrevolutionary Generation in Search of a Modern Faith, was interviewed by Carolina Armenteros, author of The French Idea of History: Joseph de Maistre and His Heirs, 1794–1854, on a recent... more >>

  • Robert W. Snyder in the New Yorker and on the Brian Lehrer Show

    On the New Yorker website, Jon Michaud describes a walking tour of Washington Heights he took with Robert W. Snyder, the author of Crossing Broadway: Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City: Walking the Heights Snyder also appeared …... more >>

  • Recent Award Winners

    Resister: A Story of Protest and Prison during the Vietnam War by Bruce Dancis, Choice Magazine 2014 Outstanding Academic Title After Newspeak: Language Culture and Politics in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin by Michael S. Gorham, Choice Magazine 2014... more >>

  • Carolina Armenteros in the History of European Ideas

    Read an op-ed by Carolina Armenteros about The French Idea of History: Joseph de Maistre and His Heirs, 1794–1854 by Carolina Armenteros in History of European Ideas: Spirituality, Politics, and the Maistrian Moment: Reflections on Themes from The... more >>

  • Fritz Umbach in the New York Daily News and the New York Times

    Fritz Umbach, coeditor of Public Housing Myths: Perception, Reality, and Social Policy, published an op-ed in the December 15, 2014 New York Daily News: Giving Projects “Their Cops” Back Umbach was also quoted in the New York Times: Police... more >>