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  • #SWYW: You spoke, we listened!

    More than five hundred authors, professors, and readers spoke their minds in our Say What You Want campaign. And we listened. So, what did we learn? Well, first of all, that people are not averse to answering surveys, at least not if you can offer a... more >>

  • VETERANS’ DAY Book GIVEAWAY @CornellPress

    One thing I appreciate about meeting with Cornell University Press’ Director Dean J. Smith, is that I always leave his office with some kind of insight or anecdote. He seems to be a natural story-teller, and last week he told me how he gave a free... more >>

  • Fashion Cycles

    The language of fashion has long been used to dismiss various forms of literary scholarship. Most recently, that charge has been made against types of “post-critique”—methods of reading that seek alternatives to interrogating and demystifying a text’s... more >>

  • The One-Week Bookstore @CornellPress opens its doors this Nov 5th!

    A few weeks ago our team got an email from the Marketing Director that read: “Mahinder (our Editor in Chief) just sold a book! In Sage House. To a real customer. Fun.” A couple lines later in the same email, we found out that we were having a pop-up... more >>

  • Ideas and Things

    Can we be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by American culture and politics? Daily we read or more like hear about political polarization, deep ideological divides, a politicized Supreme Court, protests over race and history. Of course, there are... more >>

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